AC 603 User Guide

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“No Set” and Initial first time starting procedure.

This will insure all settings are in the original position. Press and hold [Enter]+ [Add+] keys, then turn the power on. The display will show dFAUL no? Press [Add+] to select YES, press [Enter] to confirm the selection. Choosing YES, all the settings will be back to the default settings. Counter will restart itself.


1. Press and hold [Sample] key first before pressing ON/OFF key.
2. Release both keys
3. Display will show “CALu=”(lb. the calibration weight unit)
4. (optional) Press [Z/T] key to select calibration unit, (kg ,g, lb, oz)
5. Press [Add+] key, the display will show “X0.000”. X is the flashing digit.
6. Press [Sample] key the flash digit will move to right;
7. Press [Z/T] key to increase the flash digit. (X is the calibration weight) 10 lbs is minimum acceptable calibration weight. 30 lbs is a little better.
8. Press [Add+] key, the display will show CAL then Series of digits, wait for the stable icon shows , press [Add+] key, the display will show (——–) then “X000.00” 9. Place the calibration weight on the center of scale platform ,wait for the stable icon to show, then press [Add+] key
10. Display will show ‘……’ and then go to the weight mode..
11. Place the weight on the platform to make sure weighing is correct, if not, repeat above steps.
If calibration is repeatedly incorrect then:
1) Replace the batteries, better to use the plug.
2) Try a more stable surface or vibration and interference free location,

These words mean the following: △!WARNING Important information to alert you to a situation that might cause serious injury and damage to your property if instructions are not followed. △!CAUTION Important information that tells how to prevent damage to the equipment. When using the scale, the following safety precautions should always be followed.

△! WARNING Use only the correct AC adaptor with the scale. Other adaptors may cause permanent electrical damage.

△! CAUTION Avoid placing the scale in direct sunlight, this may cause discoloration or malfunction. Replace all batteries at the same time – Do not replace only a portion of the 6 batteries as this may cause a malfunction. If the scale is not to be used for a long period of time, remove all batteries from the battery compartment to avoid leakage, which may cause damage to this scale.

Avoid overloading (Err-O) the scale, as this may cause permanent damage and void your warranty – do not EVER exceed the maximum capacity (55 Lbs.) of the scale

Keep the scale away from water – this scale is not water resistant. Shock, injury and electrical damage can occur if used in a wet location!

Whenever possible, please allow the scale to warm up for several seconds after first turning the power on so that the scale will function properly and accurately.

Error messages
Err-O: Overload
: Low battery

Cell-Phones, Cordless-Phones, and any radio-frequency device can cause temporary interference and cause the scale to temporarily not work properly. Please do not use any electronic device near the SCALE. Just like in an Airplane, do not use your cell-phone near the scale when it is in use. While there is NO risk of permanent damage to the scale, interference can cause an incorrect calibration or incorrect weight readings


. 1. With the scale in OFF position, press and hold the [Z/T] key and turn on the scale.
The display will show A_ON or A_OFF. then release both key.
2.Auto shut off mode.

Press the [Z/T] key, the display will show A_ON or A_OFF. A_ON means the auto shut off function is active. Press [Z/T] again, the display will show A_OFF, this means the auto shut off function is inactive.

3.Auto back light mode.

Press [Sample] key, the display will show L_ON or L_OFF, press [Z/T] selection display L_ON, this means back light function active, press ZERO again, the display will show L_OFF, this means back light function inactive.

4.Auto beep mode

Press [Sample] key, the display will show b_ON or b_OFF, press [Z/T] selection display b_ON, this means beep function active, press [Z/T] again, the display will show b_OFF, this means beep function inactive.

5. Return to counting mode.
Press ON/OFF to turn the power off, press ON/OFF again to turn on the power and the scale will return to counting mode

Weighing Mode

1.Press [ON/OFF] to turn on the scale. The display will count from ‘999999’ to “111111” for a few seconds and “——”, press [$] ,the scale enter the weighing mode, The [$] key changes the weighing UNIT that can be selected.

2..Start weighing. Make sure the display is “0”, if not press the [Z/T] key to zero the scale.

3 .If you are using a container place the empty container on the scale, wait for the stability indicator to be displayed, press [Z/T], and the display will read “0” with the tray or container on top.

4.Place your objects to be weighed on the container. The weight will be displayed once the scale is stable.